Fight for me, Sheffield.

‘Fight for me, Sheffield’ is a short film focusing on the importance of education, local businesses and young people in the city of Sheffield.

Sheffield is a city in the north of England known for its nature, but is often overlooked when it comes to everything else! The city’s charm has been built on the spirit of local communities. This film features interviews from teachers, headteachers, community leaders, activists, counsellors and business owners who were all born and raised in the city and continue to fight for the city.

It’s so beautiful to see how many people have dedicated their lives to helping others every single day. They do it all silently with extremely pure intentions and strong work ethic for the drive for change - especially for the hope of young people.

There is never going to be a collection, a photograph or a documentary that will be able to capture the spirit of community that I was raised around and I wish everyone could see the purity of their selflessness and sincerity of their actions in real life - but for now, I can only show you this film.

Special thanks to everyone in Sheffield who took part!

Fight for me, Sheffield.

@moroccandelightss Zainab and her family stayed up making biscuits for the event and 100% of proceeds were donated to support victims of the earthquake.

@24.karak for the Adeni shahi - wallah it tastes just like my gida’s!!

All photos captured by the talented @Faridrenaid.

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